Mission & Vision


The Indian aviation market is on a high growth path. Total passenger traffic to, from and with in India, during Apr-Nov 2018 grew by around 15% year on year as compared to around 6% globally. India is now the seventh largest aviation market with 187 million passengers (to, from and within India) in FY 2017-18. It is expected to become the third largest by 2022..


This growth is being driven by a growing economy, rising incomes, intense competitionamong airlines and a supportive policy environment. The National Civil Aviation Policy(NCAP 2016) signaled the government’s intent to radically alter the sector’s growthtrajectory. NCAP’s flagship program – Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS or UDAN) istaking flying to the masses by offering subsidised fares as low as USD 35 for a one hourflight.