Swachh Bharat


S.NO. Title Attachment file Publish Date Document Type
351 Annual Report 2016-17 Part II Download (3.08 MB) pdf Annual Reports
352 E-Gazette Notification No. GSR 1011 (E) dated 11.08.17 regarding AIrcraft (Investigation of Accidents and Incidents) Rules 2017 Download (1.5 MB) pdf Notifications
353 Work Allocation of Joint Secretary dated 01.08.17 Download (36.41 KB) pdf Orders
354 Work Allocation order of HMoS Sh Jayant Sinha Download (283.7 KB) pdf Orders
355 Work Allocation of Under Secretaries dated 13.06.17 Download (488.67 KB) pdf Orders
356 Allocation of Additional work Director Level Download (40.05 KB) pdf Orders
357 Appointment of Ms Vandana Aggarwal, Economic Advisor Download (47.27 KB) pdf Notifications
358 Appointment of Shri Anshul Mishra Download (55.62 KB) pdf Notifications
359 Appointment order of Sh Dinesh Kumar Download (50.87 KB) pdf Notifications
360 Appointment order of Sh S.K. Mishra Download (43.09 KB) pdf Notifications