Swachh Bharat


S.No. Title Attachment File
1 E-Mail Policy of GoI Download (11.22 MB) pdf
2 Policy on Use of IT Resources of GoI Download (6.3 MB) pdf
3 Reconstitution of AERA Appellate Tribunal English Download (102.15 KB) pdf
4 Reconstitution of AERA Appellate Tribunal Hindi Download (111.43 KB) pdf
5 Constitution of the Committee of Inquiry to investigate into the accident to Motor Glider VT-GJH at Deoghar on 07-08-2013 Download (1.32 MB) pdf
6 Accident to Augusta A 109 Helicopter VT-VKS of Ms Aryan Aviation Pvt. Ltd at Ranchi on 09.05.2012 Download (54.06 KB) pdf
7 Setting Up of an Independent Accident Investigation Bureau Download (180.18 KB) pdf
8 Ministry of Civil Aviation in 1995 as director : Ms. Puja Jindal appointed IRS IT Download (896.36 KB) pdf
9 Appointment of Shri G. Asok Kumar, IAS AP:1991 as Joint Secretary in Ministry of Civil Aviation Download (728.85 KB) pdf
10 Extention of tenure of the Dharmadhikari Committee Download (1.69 MB) pdf